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Entity Dip & Buff acrylic 
£23 Single colour
 £26 french & glitter

Dip & Buff is an ultra fine acrylic powder used to coat the nails as a (shellac gel polish) does.
For those of you needing an extra bit of strength to your natural nails this acrylic alternative is perfect. 

Coming in as many colours as you have become used to with shellac manicures

I can honestly say this is the first time I have been excited about a new product for years. I have put it to the test with a variety of clients and myself and The verdict was a great thumbs up ... 

Dip and Buff applies very thinly and adds a fantastic amount of strength to your nails, even an odd tip on a broken nail has had perfect results

The total service time is 45 mins and soak off just 15 minutes.
Priced at virtually the same price as Shellac this is a fantastic product I know you will love once you have tried it :-)

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